The Knight Savior of Princess Marie

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What is The Knight Savior of Princess Marie?

The Knight Savior of Princess Marie

The Knight Savior of Princess Marie is the role that you are now invited to play on our website, as this is now going to be one of the best new clicker-adventure games online here, where a princess has been kidnapped by a dragon and held in a castle, so you need to destroy it and all the foes between you two in order to free her, as you are the one who loves her the most, so it is time to prove it!

Become The Knight Savior of Princess Marie and save the day!

Your knight will automatically go towards the castle, where he will hit it, and in return, you get coins, which you should grab as you go and return back to your home base on the left. When you have enough coins, use them to buy upgrades, making your knight stronger, so that you deal even more damage to the dragon's lair.

The more upgrades you make, the stronger you get, and the faster you will achieve freeing your beloved princess. Start right now, have fun unlike you get to have just every day, and stick around with us all day long since more amazing games are going to appear here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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