AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist

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AdVenture Capitalist
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AdVenture Capitalist Overview

In this popular idle game, you are a capitalist and you must grow your businesses! You start small, only having a lemonade stand, but not to worry, there is more to come! To make money off of a business you must click on it to get it going, but if you earn enough money you can hire people to help you, you may hire managers that run the businesses automatically, some give you boosts to your businesses like discounts on upgrades, and faster times.

The more complex businesses you buy, the longer it takes for them to give you a profit, so you must upgrade these businesses to give you more profit per click. The businesses you can buy include the lemonade stand, newspaper seller, pizza, car wash, pizza delivery, donut shop, shrimp boat, hockey team, movie studio, bank, and at last, the oil company! Other than upgrading the profits of your businesses you can buy other upgrades that increase profits further, though these cost a lot more but will give you a bigger boost, each upgrade gives you a 3 times boost to the business it applies to.

Earning a lot of money will attract angel investors, when you attract a lot of angel investors, you can claim them but this will restart your whole game, or you may claim them by using some gold. Claiming angel investors will give you a huge boost when restarting and you'll be back where you were much faster than the first time you've played the game. Also, did I tell you we can go to the moon? Yes, we can! It will cost a lot of money though, to fund the mission it will cost 1 decillion dollars, which means a lot of money. You may also earn megabucks that you can exchange for dollars, 1 megabuck is 1 decillion dollars.

Are you ready to be the king of capitalism? Time to fire off your businesses!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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