Delora Scary Escape - Mysteries Adventure

Delora Scary Escape - Mysteries Adventure

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Delora Scary Escape - Mysteries Adventure
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Delora Scary Escape - Mysteries Adventure Overview


Welcome to Delora Scary Escape - Mysteries Adventure online, one of the best new point-and-click puzzle and adventure games with logic elements, escape ones too, as the title suggests, where Delora is an explorer that always gets herself in the most peculiar parts of the world, where she cannot get stuck, because she will die, and that is what you are here to help her with!

Go on a Mysteries Adventure with Delora and make the Scary Escape!

There are five categories, or worlds if you wish, each with multiple levels to complete, telling a story of Delora advancing through those territories until she is finally free from them. They are:

  1. Strange Forest
  2. Scary Halloween
  3. Skull World
  4. Frozen Forest
  5. Ghost House

Only number 1 is available from the get-go, the rest you have to unlock with the coins you earn by playing the game. For each level there is a different escape you have to make true to advance to the next location, so use the mouse to interact with the things you see in front of you.

Cut wires to get eggs, break them to get keys, and find out all the tools and items that can be of help, depending on what the situation requires, obviously. Now that everything has been laid out for you, nothing should hold you back from letting all this fun begin straight away, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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