Cops Escape

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What is Cops Escape?

Cops Escape

Cops Escape is a really interesting new hypercasual runner game online in 3D, one with a premise unlike you have played here before, and even if you had, you still need to absolutely check out this game right away, since we know from our very own time with it just how much fun it can be had here, and we will now give you the deets, so you can start the fun at once!

Let's run and escape from the cops!

Use the mouse to walk around, the touch controls, or the WASD keys, so that you run through the riot of stickmen you take part in, with the goal of getting to the escape van without getting hit by the cops, as the police officers are trying to beat you down and stop you, and make sure to avoid any other traps they lay out for you.

The levels only get increasingly more difficult, but the excitement is what makes them more fun too, so start right now, give your very best from start to finish, and don't hesitate to consider checking out more great games we've brought you here today!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, or the touch controls.

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