Pin and Balls

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What is Pin and Balls?

Pin and Balls
It's again time to pull the pins! The goal of this game is to pull the pins so that the balls can fall into the container at the end of the level. You must pull the pins in the correct order though, there are many difficulties and obstacles in your way.

You must reach the requirement for the container at the bottom. On the container it shows the required balls to finish the level, you must not lose too many balls. You can lose balls if they fall outside of the map, you must pull the pins after all the balls have been settled so they don't bounce around fall outside.

There are also red spikes you need to watch out for, these evil spikes will destroy your balls, you must pull the appropriate pins so the balls don't fall into the spike. To reach the amount of the required balls, you will need to collect the grey balls. Once you've collected them, they will turn colored just like your other balls indicating that you've collected them.

There are 19 levels for you to finish, can you finish all of them?

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How to play?

Use your mouse or touch to pull the pins.