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Home Pin 1
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Home Pin 1 Overview


Home Pin 1 is yet another future classic in the genre of puzzle games with pins, which are logical puzzle games with interaction, point-and-click elements, as well as interesting storylines that can be played on computers and mobile devices alike, hypercasual experiences that feature cartoon-like characters and designs, and interesting situations that range from the regular to the extraordinary!

Put your brain to work with Home Pin 1 online!

The storyline of this game focuses on a couple who wants to make their house which is rugged, as they've bought an old one, into something nice, modern, clean, and habitable, so the husband goes out on an adventure to get funding, in this case gold and treasures, where he will face deadly traps, obstacles, dangers, maybe even dragons!

Each level features another house, where things and characters are being held up by pins. Click on pins to pull them, so that the man is able to move over to the treasure and grab it, at which point you clear the level!

BEWARE THE LAVA! Lava is highly dangerous since touching it means instant death, so avoid the man going through it by pulling the pins in the correct order, or use the WATER to turn it from fiery lava into rocks, which are safe to move on.

As you advance through the levels and the puzzles get harder, that means bigger houses, with more complicated layouts, and more pins to pull, so figure out the best order, and if you fail, restart the level and try another combination, there's no shame in it.

Use the coins in the main menu to buy and unlock all the rooms of the house:

  • living room
  • kitchen
  • library
  • game room
  • bathroom
  • bedroom
  • pantry
  • basement
  • garage
  • kidroom
  • exhibition
  • gymroom

Using coins you can also change the outfit of the character, and choose new wives for him. Do you want pets? Buy eggs and let them hatch into something from a dog, cat, or even a mythical being!

There are many levels, many pins to pull, but lots of prizes, so begin right now and create the home of your dreams, through hard work and good strategies!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Pull pins to avoid lava, enemies, traps, and dangers.
  • Earn treasure to make your dream house.
  • Decorate, renovate, save your wife!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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