Home Pin - How To Loot?

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What is Home Pin - How To Loot??

Home Pin - How To Loot?

Welcome to the page of 'Home Pin - How To Loot?', one of the most interesting puzzle games with pins on our website, which is also a thief game online, as the title suggests, since it is your interaction with the pins and how you eliminate them that will help you steal from people, the goal you have to complete each stage of the game. Let's teach you more about it, so you can begin at once!

Solve the Home Pin puzzles to learn how to loot!

Help the two lovers come together, which is what they want, while making sure to get rid of the thieves lurking about in each stage, either by avoiding them entirely, dropping bombs on them, dropping them into traps, or using any kind of other items from the environment that could help you towards that.

Use the mouse or finger to tap on the pins that you want to make come out, and one by one, do it until the level is cleared. Good luck, great focus, of course, and more awesome time we wish you with this or any of the other games still to come here today, as we always promise you simply the best!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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