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Home Pin 2
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Home Pin 2 Overview


Home Pin 2 is here with another set of adventures packaged as one of the best new logic and puzzle games with pins online that you've found and played on our website in recent times, which we recommend, as you can see, especially since the first game in this series had a man as a main character, but now you got a lady, to take things in a new and fresh direction!

The woman found out her husband was cheating, and she and her baby were kicked out of their house by this new evil couple, after ending up in the wilderness, she got rocks to set up a campfire, which is your starting point of the story.

As you solve the puzzles, you help her climb up in life until she will have a house, a home, rather, which will end up being an older mansion that needs restoring, which you will be working towards with your puzzle-solving skills. Let's teach you how precisely to do that, no?

Play Home Pin 2 and rebuild the manor to its former glory!

You will take the pins out by using the mouse or touch controls to click/tap on them, doing so in order to make the items drop. Begin by dropping wood into the circle of rocks, and then the matches, which will start up the fire. Drop the key from the container, pulling the pins to do so, and the lady and her baby can now live inside the old decrepit house.

Precisely because it is like that, you will work at rebuilding it, and all the tools you require, such as hammers, nails, new furniture, new accessories, and decorations, will be earned through solving the puzzles you find.

Pull pins to drop puzzle pieces for the child, you will get money, or food and drinks for the mother and baby. Pull the pins in the correct order, because bombs also appear in the containers, and if they explode on the characters, you lose. Instead, make them explode on each other, or just have them stay put by not releasing the pins that hold them.

The difficulty of the puzzles increases, but your brain power will do too, for sure, and if you lose a level, you can always restart it. From the main menu, you get daily rewards if you come back to play the game on our website, there is a shop where you can buy clothing for the mom and her child, and acquire the new furniture and items that the house needs.

Start pulling pins to get this new family to have the house and home of their dreams!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Solve puzzles by pulling pins to redecorate the manor and make it into the home of your dreams!
  • Follow the story of the woman and her baby, and help them thrive with your logical skills!
  • Complete challenges, play with special guest characters, and even go through the Christmas Event.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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