Pin the UFO

Pin the UFO

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Pin the UFO
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Pin the UFO Overview


Pin the UFO represents one of the best puzzle games with pins we've had here in quite a while, a format that had become really popular as of late, and there is no doubt in our minds that you are going to really enjoy it, start to finish, just like we did, otherwise it would not have been shared with you in the first place!

Can you Pin the UFO?

With the mouse, you pull pins in order to make the colored aliens they hold drop-down, doing it so to make them fill up the UFO container, and then fly off into space.

In certain levels, you need to figure out how to drop the ones in color over the blank ones, fill them with color too, and only then you can drop them into the UFO.

Of course, avoid bombs and any other sorts of traps that might be put in front of you, since they cause you to lose the level in case you activate them by mistake.

It's fun and challenging for your brains, so you've got no reason not to try this game right now, believe us!

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