Pico’s Puzzle UFO: Shooting Stars

Pico’s Puzzle UFO: Shooting Stars

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Pico’s Puzzle UFO: Shooting Stars
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Pico’s Puzzle UFO: Shooting Stars Overview


Pico returns as a main protagonist on our website, something we always love seeing, since he was around on the Newgrounds platforms way before Boyfriend, whose FNF games only reminded us why this character is so great, and we now invite you to play a puzzle and logic game with ufos and shooting stars, a format we will now explain, so you can have the best time possible out of this game!

Solve Pico’s Puzzle UFO with Shooting Stars online!

Use the WASD keys to move, Z to undo, X to reset, enter for interaction, and shift to see the full world. Pico got himself stuck in space, where you need to help him move the energy banks, the flashlights, the stations, and other things around in such a way that you form full paths for him to take on and reach the end of each course.

Look at your surroundings and figure out which blocks to move around, as well as other objects, no matter how difficult the levels get. We wish you the best, and if you want more amazing games to play, you're in the best place to find and play the, meaning our website!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, Z, X, and enter or shift keys.

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Author: Eydi

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