Fish Rescue Pull the Pin

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What is Fish Rescue Pull the Pin?

Fish Rescue Pull the Pin
Fish Rescue Pull the Pin is one of the newest puzzle games with pins that you have to pull you get to experience it for free on our website, and there's no doubt in our minds that you are going to love playing it from start to finish, just like it has been the case for us since that is why we've shared it with you in the first place.

How to play and win Fish Rescue Pull the Pin:

Fish need water to survive, and in the puzzle levels of this game, the fish have no water where they are, because they and the water are separated by pins, so you have to use the pins to move them and drop the water into the fish tanks and complete the level once the fish are swimming once more.

Only the blue water needs to get to the fish because if you mistakenly pull pins that will make red water fall on it, you are going to lose, so don't let that happen. The order in which you pull pins in this game will be key to you winning the levels. On other levels, you have to drop the red water over the sharks and defend our fish from the sharks using this method.

We wish you all good luck in clearing the game and the best concentration possible, and it's with great excitement that we invite you to stick around to catch even more cool new games of ours as only here can be found!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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