Kitten Rescue Pin Pull

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What is Kitten Rescue Pin Pull?

Kitten Rescue Pin Pull

Kitten Rescue Pin Pull is here because puzzle games with pins have become a mainstay of our website, and they are even more adorable and fun if they feature animals so sweet as kittens, which is why our administrative team is happy to have shared this game with you all right now, and we will explain it in case you're new to this kind of format!

Pull the Pin to Rescue the Kitten!

With the mouse on the computers and the finger directly on the screen, you will click on the pins to pull them and make it so that you get the kittens to reach their homes, while making sure to avoid them bumping into dogs, get keys to open doors if necessary, and avoid other kinds of dangers.

Each new puzzle becomes more difficult if you need to achieve this goal, but we're positive that if you focus enough, you will be able to complete each and every one of them, no matter the situation! Feel free to start right now, as well as to share this game with as many of your friends as you can!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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