Move The Pin 2

Move The Pin 2

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Move The Pin 2
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Move The Pin 2 Overview


Move The Pin 2 is here to once again solidify the popularity of puzzle games with pins online, which have become increasingly popular over the past few years, so when this new mobile-friendly game presented itself to us, we knew that sharing it with the visitors of our website will bring along a ton of joy for many people!

Move the pin to solve the online puzzles!

Get all the colored balls into the container to solve the puzzle, with each new puzzle presenting a more complicated arrangement of the balls, the container, and the pins.

Click on the pins to pull and move them, and release them in proper order so that the balls fall into the right place, or else you have to restart the level.

Some pins have traps on them, such as the ones with the spikes, so make sure balls do not fall onto them. Sometimes you first need to drop the color bomb into the balls to make them colorful, because if grey ones are collected, you lose.

Each new level increases in difficulty, but we are sure that you also become better at pulling the pins as you go on, and keep having more fun like we hope you get out of each and every game here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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