Fall Race

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What is Fall Race?

Fall Race
You can have a lot of fun in this popular elimination game! You spawn in the arena with 30 players and your goal is to reach the end to get qualified for the next arena. At the start of the game, depending on the stage, you will be shown how many players can get qualified for the next arena, you must finish the race fast or survive for long enough to get qualified. There are many traps you will have to get through such as moving bouncy obstacles, gates that open and close, disappearing hexagons under you, huge balls that make you trip, and many more obstacles!

After finishing a stage, the game will choose a random stage next, each stage is unique and has different qualification requirements. There are many stages in the game including hexagon guys where you must run to not fall down because the hexagons you are running on will disappear after a second or two; Giant ball where you have to finish the stage while giant balls are thrown at you; Lucky Door where you have to guess which door can be broken to get through while outrunning your opponents; Big Fruit where there are giant fruits blocking your way and many more stages!

Each stage you manage to pass will grant you 50 gems that can be used for purchasing news skins. Skins start at 500 gems and the skins' price double after 3 skins in the list. Have fun playing our latest elimination game!

How to play?

Use WASD or ARROW keys to move, SPACE to jump.

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