Ragdoll Fall

Ragdoll Fall

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Ragdoll Fall
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Ragdoll Fall Overview


When it comes to online games, you usually need to stop a character from falling, but in this new arcade game online, you will have a brand new experience and a new kind of goal, because in the game called Ragdoll Fall you have to fall with your ragdoll. This is not a human, but a doll so doesn't worry about tearing it to pieces!

Make the ragdoll fall and increase your score for it!

You are going to have a ragdoll that you shoot out of a cannon, and then, while it is in the air, you tap on the screen to make it fall down and hit the ground, because the more it hits the ground, the bigger your score becomes.

At the same time, don't let it fall in between the land, because falling into pits means death and starting from scratch, and the same is true if you hit the seesaws and other traps that can destroy your ragdoll to pieces.

So, alternate between avoiding the traps and the pits, as well as falling into the ground, and see how far you can get and how big of a score you think you can achieve!

Good luck to you all, that is what we wish, and we hope that if this is your first game in this category, it will be the first of many you are going to really enjoy here for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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