Ragdoll Super Fun Banana

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What is Ragdoll Super Fun Banana?

Ragdoll Super Fun Banana

A Ragdoll that is also a Banana will be the character you get to embody right now in one of the best new hypercasual adventure games with some action, puzzle, and skill elements all into one, which is going to be unlike anything you've played here before, and we will now guarantee you a great time, as we will explain right now!

Play Ragdoll Super Fun Banana online right now!

Use WASD to move, space to jump, the left mouse button to grab items, and the right one to drop them, but you can also use the same keys to grab weapons, which you need to use to defeat other ragdolls or enemies, using Q and E to aim and release, or hit, depending on the weapon.

Go from one checkpoint to another, use the mouse to trigger buttons, push blocks on buttons on the ground, or do any other actions that will help you advance further until you win. Feel free to begin right now, only here, and make sure to tell friends about this kind of experience so they can also have it!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse, Q, and E.

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Author: VitaminsizDev

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