Banana Duck

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What is Banana Duck?

Banana Duck

Banana Duck is the latest retro-pixelated platform-adventure game online on our website, made even better by the fact that it features a duck as a main character, a duck that wants nothing more than a banana, maybe because they are both yellow, and you're here to help it get it, something we will now explain how to do!

Help Duck get Banana online!

With the arrow keys, you move and jump, helping the duck get towards the banana at the end of each stage, which is how you complete them. Along the way, avoid spikes, falling into pits, and other kinds of traps and obstacles that can get you killed or stuck.

Grab keys to open doors if necessary, jump on trampolines to get higher, and use any other kinds of power-ups or useful items you find to achieve your goal.

Every new stage gets more difficult than the last, but more fun to go through too, so begin right now, and don't stop here, since the day has more in store for you, and we would hate if you were to miss out on any of this carefully-curated content!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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Author: HamdyElzanqali

The game was made by HamdyElzanqali, who is a great game developer. You can check out other awesome games on his page.

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