Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape

Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape

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Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape
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Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape Overview


Ragdoll Thief Bank Escape is not just one of the newest escape games from our website, but it is a mobile-friendly game in this genre which also has hypercasual elements, and, at its core, is one of the best new skill games you get to find and play here today, something we're teaching you how to do right now, so you can begin sooner rather than later!

Help the Ragdoll Thief Escape the Bank!

You control the ragdoll thief using a magnet, and you move it in any direction using the mouse, having to secure the bag, the money, diamonds, and everything else you want to steal from the vault, and then get to the lever, pull it, open up the air duct, and escape through it.

If you manage to escape with treasure and your life all at the same time, you finish the level but know that traps, obstacles, or security guards might appear to stop you, so avoid them, and each new escape becomes harder in general than the last, all the time, be certain of that!

Of course, we're also positive that your skills as a thief will also get better, and you will be having a blast. Feel free to begin right now, and then stick around to play more casual games to test your nerves of steel, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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