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In our new game on our website, you must not fall! You spawn in an arena of other players and you must run because the tiles under you will break once you step on them after a few seconds. Your goal is to be the last person who ultimately falls into the void.

The level consists of a plane of hexagons that you and your opponents walk on. You can also jump one hexagon's worth of space to avoid falling off. There are multiple planes of hexagons that ultimately lead to the void, you need to avoid falling off a plane of hexagons for as long as possible.

Once you finish a race, you will also get coins depending on which place you landed on. The higher the place the more coins you will get. The coins can be used to buy skins. One skin costs 500 coins and the machine will give you a random skin for you to use!

Time to avoid falling off!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to drag to move your character.

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