Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race

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What is Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race?

Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race

Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race takes the concept of multiplayer racing games online 3d and mixes it up with the 'fall guys' style of racing, creating a really interesting and dynamic experience that none of the visitors of our website should miss out on for anything in the world, even more so since they get to compete with some of the best monster trucks in the virtual world!

Enter the Ultimate Knockout Race and drive the best Fall Cars!

Ten players enter an arena, after you've picked the model of the car you want to drive, and then try your best to get past the opposition and enter the portal to the next race first, winning! Even if you're not first, try to get in the first places to continue, because spots that are behind will get eliminated.

The courses are filled with obstacles that move all over the place and are meant to stop you or slow you down, so find a way past them, no matter how complicated they might seem. The better time you make in finishing the race, the better as well. Use the arrow keys for driving, and know that each new race will have a more difficult course than the one before.

Good luck to all the players, and we hope that you stick around for more fun, you won't want to miss it!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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