Fall Beans

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What is Fall Beans?

Fall Beans

Fall Beans is going to be one of the best new multiplayer racing games online in 3D that you find and play on our website at this moment, a game we hope you don't miss out on anything in the world, especially since the beans avatar that you control are heavily inspired by the Fall Guys games series, making this game a proxy to that one.

Let's race with the Fall Beans!

Use the arrow keys to control your own 'bean' through the course, where you have to give your best to get one of the qualifying spots, with a total of 20 racers entering each course. Along the way, there are plenty of obstacles that move, such as doors, but there can also be contests where you have to match icons on the floor, or else you get eliminated.

Each new race will have fewer beans in them, so try to be one of them, and if you reach the final race and win it, you become the ultimate winner. It's that simple, and even if you get eliminated, you should start again from scratch and focus harder next time, always improving, always having fun!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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