Fall Buddies

Fall Buddies

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Fall Buddies
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Fall Buddies Overview


Fall Buddies is one of the best online re-creations of Fall Guys Games, which means you're in for a hypercasual racing experience with platforms, jumping, and skill elements all set in a colorful 3D world, with blob-like characters, and an ever-expanding world filled with danger and the excitement of getting past it, something we're going to teach you how to do right now, worry not!

Win the race with the Fall Buddies online!

In these worlds, you will race against other clumsy players, running, jumping, and avoiding the traps that the game throws at you, like hammers that want to hit you, holes you can fall in, hence the title, spikes, gates that open and close at random times, all to cross the finish line in each mini-game ahead of others, and advance to the next race.

Each race gets more difficult, and more players get eliminated, and if you are the last fall guy standing, you win! Earn money to buy new skins for your blob avatar! To move you use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys, and with the spacebar, you jump.

Start right now, hitting random games or inviting friends to your own rooms, and see if you can come up on top!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS and the spacebar.

Tips & Tricks

  • Control blob avatars in a clumsy world of obstacles to jump over, roll on, break, and knock others out!
  • Win as many mini-games as possible to climb the leaderboards.
  • If you fall, you die, remember!

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