Pull Him Out

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What is Pull Him Out?

Pull Him Out
In this game, you need to help our adventurer escape and get the gold! There are many obstacles and difficulties you will encounter in your journey. You need to pull the pins in the correct order to defeat all enemies and get rid of obstacles.

The adventurer is stuck on an island with dungeons and mines that he needs to go through. There are 2 types of pins, the ones you can pull and the ones that you can move left or right, you need to use these pins to your advantage. The obstacles you will encounter in your journey can be zombies, boulders, lava, and more.

To kill the zombie, you need to drop a boulder on him. To get rid of the lava, you need to use the water to eliminate it, this will create small rocks. To finish the level you need to also collect the gold found in the level. There are 20 levels you can finish and at the end, the adventurer escapes using a boat.

Time to help the adventurer!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.