Golf Bounce

Golf Bounce

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Golf Bounce
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Golf Bounce Overview

We've added many golf games to our website, but this one is unique in its concept that instead of a golf ball, you shoot a very bouncy penguin in the hole! You are in control of the polar bear who shoots the penguin wherever you point him to. The penguin is very bouncy and you must also avoid obstacles such as spikes that hurt the penguin, trees that block the penguin's path, and more.

There are also plants and animals that help you in your way, mushrooms, giraffes, hippos, and other animals bounce you back in the sky, helping you advance further. You've only got 3 shots per level so you must be careful about where you are shooting.

Every level contains coins and rubies that you can collect if the penguin touches them in mid-air. You can use the coins to upgrade your penguin. The speed upgrade increases the penguin's speed while flying, the power upgrade increases power, the bounce upgrade makes the penguin even more bouncy than it is, and the launch upgrade makes the launching stronger. The rubies can be used to get new golf clubs, after you've earned enough rubies, it will automatically unlock allowing you to use it.

Every once in a while you will also get a bonus stage where instead of aiming for the hole, you have to collect the flying fruit on the screen! Are you ready to be the golf master? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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