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SoniK Run
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SoniK Run Overview


Sonic run, a game where you need to run with sonic while avoiding obstacles found on each stage! There are numerous stages in the game, you start in the Greenhill Zone, a very green area, populated with palm trees, and also with numerous animals.

In the Greenhill Zone, you will find bees that sting you, crabs that hurt you, spikes, water, and other things that will make you fail the level if you touch them. The next zone is the Raincloud Zone, in this zone you are far up in the clouds, again avoiding obstacles. The next zone after that is the Lavareef Zone, in this zone, we are introduced to flying rockets that are very deadly. We are also introduced to the bubble shield which protects you from everything except falling in the lava or water.

These zones repeat forever, you can get higher scores if you manage to beat them continuously. After dying on a stage, you will get rings. You can use these rings to unlock additional characters from the Sonic series!

Time to run!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to jump.

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