Pixel Express

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Pixel Express
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What is Pixel Express?

Pixel Express
This is a train management game where you need to help the train deliver the cargo! The goal of the game is to change the tracks to allow the train to pass and collect the cargo to return it to the destination. You must try to do it as fast as possible.

You have a train that is moving at a constant speed and you need to change the directions of the train tracks so the train can go and collect the package. Then you must route it to the house to finish the objective.

The first level only has 1 train, the following levels will have 2 or more trains. You get a few lives on each level, you must make sure they do not collide otherwise you will lose a life and eventually fail the level if you lose all of your lives. The items you must put on the train consist of wood, and other materials.

Each cargo that you collect will give you a certain amount of coins. To win the level you must collect enough coins according to the counter on the top. Each level gets progressively harder, you must be careful about avoiding collision between the trains.

Each level can be completed with 3 stars, the calculate your stars the game will take into account the number of lives lost, the time you needed to finish the level, etc. If you're ready to manage the trains, press play!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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