Musical Tracks

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What is Musical Tracks?

Musical Tracks

Musical Tracks is one of the newest Thomas and Friends All Engines Go Games that we're delighted to share with you on our website right at this moment, as you're about to combine the tracks that trains run on and the tracks you hear on the radio into one with a musical game unlike never before seen in this beloved category for kids!

Hop on the Musical Tracks with Thomas and Friends!

Start off by choosing one of the three train tracks, each in another beautiful location. You've got four tracks on which you can put four train engines, so place them to see how they sound when they start running on them and then alternate the engines however you wish to in order to create a song out of their sounds.

It's as easy and fun as it sounds, so now that you're aware of this game's premise, nothing should hold you back from giving it a go right now, and sharing it with friends as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.