Sodor Paint Shop

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What is Sodor Paint Shop?

Sodor Paint Shop
This is an interesting and educational game for children, in which you have to color the beloved cartoon character, the Thomas locomotive. Thomas wants to go for a walk around the city, but first, he has to go paint. This will be your job in this game: you have to color Thomas as nicely as possible in order to be a modern locomotive and to be able to go for a walk proudly.

Once the game starts you can get to work, but be careful that you need a lot of insight and especially imagination to combine the colors as nicely as possible. On the left, you have Thomas, who is divided into many parts, representing different components of the locomotive. Each part is separated by contours from the others and will be colored separately according to your own liking. On the left, you have the colors that you can use to color Thomas.

Don't worry about them because you have a very wide range of colors, you just have to have a lot of imagination and know-how to combine them. If you somehow colored one of the parts of the locomotive with a color you did not want, you just have to select the desired color and color the component of the locomotive again. Give us a like if you liked our Thomas locomotive game. Focus and be careful how you combine the colors to make Thomas the most beautiful locomotive, so he can go for a walk.

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How to play?

Use the mouse to color each train.