Rail Muddle

Rail Muddle

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Rail Muddle
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Rail Muddle Overview


Play Rail Muddle from the Thomas and Friends Games category of our website, since this page, has not been updated with new content in a while, but it seems that we are returning to it right now and with high-quality additions that reflect the Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go series, which premiered one year ago, and it is the newest version of this world and its characters!

Let's un-muddle the tracks for Thomas and his engine friends!

The game is a puzzle one where in each level you have train tracks that are shuffled around and not connected with one another, which is what you will correct. Click on the tiles with the tracks in order to rotate them, and keep doing so until all train tracks are connected, allowing for the train engines to run on them.

You can do it with various engines from show level after level, with each new puzzle being a bit more difficult than the one before, so focus harder each time you play. Good luck we wish you, but, most importantly, we hope you are focused and ready to always give your best to this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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