Thomas and Friends Rescue

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Thomas and Friends Rescue
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What is Thomas and Friends Rescue?

Thomas and Friends Rescue

Rescue Thomas and Friends from the new All Engines Go version of the show, which has brought the fan-favorite steam engines to modern days with fresh new animation, ethos, and adventures, and we're sure that you will have real fun together in a rescue mission with these characters!

It's a Rescue mission with Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go!

Start off by choosing which locomotive you want to become, and then you go along the tracks helping other locomotives who got stuck, damaged, or have other kinds of problems, to solve.

You will hush birds out of the tracks, move wood aside, and do many other similar tasks, so just follow the natural course of what you would have to reasonably do, and do it.

Fix all the problems, rescue all the trains, and have fun as only here is possible with your favorite friends from the train tracks!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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