Furious Drift

Furious Drift

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Furious Drift
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Furious Drift Overview


Drifting! We all like drifting here so we are proud to present you Furious Drift, a game where everything is about drifting! The goal is to finish the race while drifting as much as you possibly can. You have to be careful about it though, you must not hit the sides or your drift will fail!

The first track is the Bridge - Classic, it's a simple map with a simple track where you can challenge your drifting skills. Drifting will give you points, you need to drift enough to gain the required points for third place to win the race.

There is a second type of map where you need to complete objectives and get the required points for at least third place. These maps usually are only a big area that you need to drift on. Some objectives that you may need to complete are to make 5 donut drifts where you need to continuously drift in circles. You may also have to drift for a certain period of time like 10 seconds.

There are many cars in the game, you need to buy the other cars apart from the default one. You can get money from completing the races. The better you are in the races the more money you'll earn. The better cars have better speed, handling, acceleration, and braking.

Try to be the drifting king!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROW for car movement. Space to brake. Esc to pause.

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