Warzone Gateway

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What is Warzone Gateway?

Warzone Gateway
Warzone Gateway is a simple shooting game! You must shoot the bad guys out and protect the shipment from getting destroyed. To protect the shipment, you must use your gun and other objects that help you.

There are several guns available in the game:
  • UZI: The default weapon. Shoots pretty fast and is quite small.
  • P90: The fastest shooting weapon in the game. Costs 1000 coins.
  • UMP45: Similar to the UZI but bigger. It costs 3400 coins.
  • FAMAS: A very powerful weapon comparable to an M4. Costs 5000 coins.
  • AK-47: Everyone's favorite Russian gun, it is very powerful and has a good amount of ammo. It costs 10000 coins.
  • M60: Another strong gun that has a lot of ammo. It costs 15000 coins.
There are many defenders that you can put on the car that you must protect. The first 2 are soldiers and the latter ones are guns. The guns for the car get more pricey as you browse further but the latter weapons are stronger too. The guns available are machine guns, tesla coils, rocket launchers, and more.

There are also supportive items. You can use grenades to destroy a lot of enemies at once, oil to slow the enemies down. You can also upgrade the maximum HP and repair HP. You can also call for support, there are many characters that you can choose for your support. These characters can only be unlocked if you gained enough XP and they help you defeat the enemies.

Have fun playing Warzone Gateway!

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How to play?

Use the mouse to aim. On mobile, swipe on the left side to aim and tap or hold the right side of the screen to shoot.