Stretch Guy

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What is Stretch Guy?

Stretch Guy
In this game, we need to help a very stretchy guy reach the goal! In order to reach the blue goal, you must use the character's stretchy legs to move through the level. But beware, he can't stretch infinitely long and if you overstretch him, he'll pop like a balloon! His head color also changes when you stretch him, he can go from white to yellow when he is a bit stretched then he goes from yellow to red where he is very stretched, these visual effects warn you to be careful.

Stretchy guy has 4 legs, all of them have white sticky blobs at the end that you attach to walls to move one leg, to move upwards you move all the other legs too. The closer the legs to him the less stress it's put in. There are also many types of obstacles some are dangerous while others are only inconveniences. There are spinning blades that if you touch will pop Stretchy Guy, the balloons also hurt him, popping him in the process, to get rid of some of these obstacles you may pull a lever, and the thrown knives will pop the balloons and remove the blades. Some obstacles aren't dangerous, for example, the gates that only let his legs through won't hurt him but you do need to open them with the lever to finish the level. Also, you may encounter lava that cannot be removed and will pop Stretchy Guy instantly.

There are also crates that block your way, these can be removed by sticking Stretchy Guy's legs to them and putting them elsewhere to be able to pass through and finish the level. There are 40 levels in the game and each one of them contains something unique such as different obstacles, tricky level design, etc. Have fun playing Stretch Guy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.