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Squid Fall Guy

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Squid Fall Guy
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Squid Fall Guy Overview


Fall Guy games online have been around for a while, but they are now about to be made even better by the fact that they will now feature Squid Game characters, where you now get an extra round in this death match for money, where we have now set up quite an interesting new challenge for you all, where you try to fall with skill, something we will teach you more about right now, worry not!

Become the most skilled Squid Fall Guy online!

Use the mouse by holding it to extend your bar with the two plungers on its ends to stick to the two sides of the wall and hang in the air, and then release when you want to fall, with the goal being to reach all the way to the bottom, but safely, one step after another.

If you hit the obstacles on the sides and you explode, you fall to your death, and the same happens if you just simply let go without a care in the world. Instead, slowly fall as you avoid the obstacles and traps, but, most importantly, try collecting all the stars on the way down too, using them in the shop to buy awesome new skins or cool upgrades.

Each new level will test your skills even more, but that also means having more fun, we promise, so try to see how far you can reach, and if you can get all that money from the Squid Game online!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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