Mr. Stretch and the Stolen Fortune

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What is Mr. Stretch and the Stolen Fortune?

Mr. Stretch and the Stolen Fortune

Mr. Stretch and the Stolen Fortune is going to be a really cool puzzle-adventure game online that reminded us and it will surely you too, of snake games, as you will get to assume control of a being that can stretch really far, and use it to navigate through all sorts of haunted and scary places, something we are now going to explain!

Start the adventures of Mr. Stretch and the Stolen Fortune online!

In each room of the temple, you have to go around and find the documents, which are the important keys that will get you from one stage to another, while also robbing the rooms of diamonds, gems, stars, and other treasures that you encounter, using your stretching ability.

You will use the arrow keys to move by stretching and holding the keys to advance in the directions that you desire. If you stretch too far, you will see, and get drawn back, so try another angle, and make sure to use totem poles, pillars, walls, and other features of the temples to get ahead.

Good luck and the very best we're wishing you right now, hoping you don't stop here either, since there are always some more surprises coming for you all!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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Author: Muketronics

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