The Lasso Of Fortune

The Lasso Of Fortune

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The Lasso Of Fortune
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The Lasso Of Fortune Overview


The Lasso Of Fortune is the latest puzzle and logic game from the cut-the-rope format, one that can never disappoint you, and with this amazing new mobile-friendly addition with a spirit of adventure, it surely will not, as you get to get treasure instead of candy, like most others, all in a tomb of riches!

Cut The Lasso Of Fortune to get the treasure!

Use the mouse to cut the ropes so that the hunter falls down in such a way that you collect all the gold, and pick up the key that opens the door down to the treasure chest, finishing the levels if you successfully get to them at the bottom.

Make sure not to miss the key, not get all the gold, or fall down somewhere else instead of the treasure chest, because that leads to you losing the level and having to start it again from scratch.

The puzzles get more complicated one by one, but the earnings you get from finishing them also increase, so feel free to begin right now, and don't stop until you find the light and all the treasure!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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