Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

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Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
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Kirby and the Amazing Mirror Overview

We would like to show you our newest emulated game on our website, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! In this game, there was a land called the Mirror World where any wish reflected in the mirror would come true but the good times didn't last forever, and evil hands took the land.

You need to save the Mirror Land from the evil hands that took it by defeating bosses and going through the levels. This game is a 2D platformer game, the main character you are playing as is named Kirby, he has a few abilities up his sleeve like inhaling objects and enemies.

Kirby can inhale enemies, and he can shoot them out to act as defense from other enemies or to break blocks that are in his way. Some enemies and items cannot be inhaled or Kirby can only move them. Kirby can also fly by inhaling air and inflating like a balloon allowing him to get over harder obstacles.

There are many bosses Kirby has to defeat:
  • King Golem: He attacks Kirby by trying to stomp on him which causes rocks and debris to fly all over the place.
  • Moley: He attacks Kirby by making him go into a small place with many holes and popping out of one randomly.
  • Kracko: The boss of Mustard Mountain, attacks Kirby by using his abilities like a cloud using storms for example.
  • Mega Titan: A blue robot, attacks Kirby with his robotic fists.
  • Gobbler: This boss is a shark that attacks Kirby by swimming up to him.
  • Wiz: She summons a multitude of enemies to attack Kirby.
  • Dark Meta Knight: Attacks Kirby by splitting him into 4 and making him chase the villain into the Mirror World.
  • Master Hand/Crazy Hand: This evil hand will try to damage Kirby by punching, squashing, or spitting fire at him.
  • Dark Mind: This boss has to be fought multiple times, each time he gains new attacks and becomes stronger. He attacks Kirby in a multitude of ways.
We hope you can free the Mirror World from evil hands!

How to play?

Start: Enter key. Select: Shift key. ARROWS to move. B: Z key. A: X key. L: A key. R: D key.

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