Princess Villain Mania Social Media Adventure

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What is Princess Villain Mania Social Media Adventure?

Princess Villain Mania Social Media Adventure
Eliza calls Annie, her sister, and challenges her to do a villain cosplay! First, you will need to help Eliza do a villain cosplay, you will have to choose from a deck of cards to see what cosplay you have to match. For example for Cruella De Vil, you need to choose a black and white hairstyle, a purple dress, and a long black skirt.

We need to help Annie too, we have to choose a card too. For example, if we get Evil Mother from Rapunzel, we need to choose a red dress with a long red skirt and long curly black hair. There are many more villains you may have to match, so try to remember their style!

After we are done dressing them, it's time for them to stand next to each other and prepare for the photo! Here we choose can choose a hairband from a lot of options available, a hand accessory, facial expression, and lastly, the background. Then we make a photo of it and apply some filters and stickers to upload it to Instagram.

Help the girls get dressed and to get many likes!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touchscreen.