Killer Assassin

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What is Killer Assassin?

Killer Assassin
Killer Assassin is an interesting assassination game. You need to go through the levels with your knife and kill the enemies. Be wary of the enemy though, they have powerful weapons and if they detect you, they will shoot at you and try to kill you.

The level is a 2D maze that you can navigate through. To kill an enemy you must go into them to knife them. You have to be careful to not alert one of the other guards because they will hear the killing and will investigate the area. The guards have a limited line of sight that you can exploit to kill them. Killing an enemy will give you a lot of diamonds.

You can use the diamonds to buy new skins. You can unlock a random one with 600 diamonds. There are 9 total skins that you can unlock. Some levels will also feature diamond guards that will give you a lot more diamonds than regular guards, they are also easy to defeat and don't shoot back at you.

Time to assassinate the enemies!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.