Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage

Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage

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Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage
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Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage Overview

We present you our new stickman fighting game, this time in 3D! In this 3D stickman fighting game, you must fight the enemy stickmen to pass the mission! In these missions, you will have to advance forward in the level and defeat any stickman that comes close by fighting them.

You spawn on a 3D road and you can kick and punch your enemies. Kicking and punching the enemy stickman will knock them out where you can eventually land a blow that depletes their HP further. Sometimes when you defeat a stickman, they'll also drop an item like a shuriken or brass knuckles. You can also defend yourself using your hands from incoming attacks.

There are also barrels that drop random items as well if you punch or kick them. On some missions, you will find food items that restore your health such as the chicken leg and the healing soup. You can also choose from 4 characters in the game but you have to unlock some of them. You start with "Stickbuilder" and to unlock the other characters you must reach a certain level. At level 20 you will unlock "Sticky-Man", at level 50 you will unlock "Stickwood", and at level 80 you will unlock "Robostick"

Each character has its perks, Sticky-Man is more powerful but also less fast and can't jump so high. Stickwood is even more powerful than Sticky-Man but has even less speed and jump height. Robostick has all of these traits maxed and is the best character in the game. There is also a training room where you can train your fighting skills against a mannequin!

Time to destroy the bad guys!

How to play?

ARROW keys to move, SPACE to jump, X to punch, Z to kick and C to block.

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