Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy

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What is Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy?

Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy

If you want action games, Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy is one of the best ones you will be able to find and play today on our website free of charge since it is a game that does not only have stickmen as the characters inhabiting the world, but they are also heavily inspired by Dragonball Z, as you can easily see. Let's start the fun and fighting!

Fight and preserve the Legacy of the Stick Shadow Fighter!

Your stickman hero will only act depending on what you instruct him to do, and you will use various keys to do the rest of the actions:

  • A or Left key to Attack
  • S or Up key to Jump
  • D or Right key to Defend

Use the correct keys to advance forward, avoid hitting traps, obstacles, or fall into the death traps down below, while also defeating enemies along the way, many of the robots. You win points the more you advance, but you can also lose lives, so don't waste them all if you don't want to lose.

If you do great, you can advance endlessly, but each time you die you should try to do better next time. Good luck, and don't forget to invite your friends over for fun as well, we're positive they will really love it here!

How to play?

Use the A, S, D keys or the Up, Left, Right keys.

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