Stick Fighter 3D

Stick Fighter 3D

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Stick Fighter 3D
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Stick Fighter 3D Overview


Stick Fighter 3D has been added onto our website because we know for a fact the much love that fighting games in 2 players on our website get, so we could not have missed the chance to bring a new one over for you, even more so because it features stickmen, and they always elevate a game!

Become the best stick fighter in the 3d world!

From the main menu you choose between the 1P mode and the 2P mode, and in case you choose the later, the controls are:

  • P1: W, A, D to move and jump, F to punch, G to kick, R for special hits.
  • P2: Arrows to move and jump, K to punch, L to kick, O for special moves.

As per usual, the two stickmen, one blue, one red, fight one another in order to deplete the other one's health bar completely, because if you achieve that, you become the winner. We wish both players good luck towards that, and we hope to see you here more, because we're never out of fun new games to bring you!

How to play?

P1: W, A, D, F, G, R.

P2: Arrows, K, L, O.

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