Street Shadow Classic Fighter

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What is Street Shadow Classic Fighter?

Street Shadow Classic Fighter

Street Shadow Classic Fighter is, as the title suggests quite clearly, one of the best new street fighting games 3D that our team is delighted to share with you all on our website, right now, just like we are pretty positive you will be delighted to give it a chance, as we've never failed when it comes to this genre before, and we are not starting today!

Try the best Street Shadow Classic Fighter game online!

Use WASD or the arrows to move, space to jump, Z to punch, X to kick, and the C key to grab. Go on the streets and fight all the enemies that come your way, both from the left and right and, as they do that, defeat them, because if they manage to attack you enough that your health bar gets depleted, you will be the loser instead.

Complete a level by defeating all the enemies in a wave, make upgrades to your character, making them more powerful, and even changing their look, and then try your hand at the new wave, which gets more powerful, but so have you, so we are sure you will stand up to the occasion!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, Z, X, C.

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