Street Freekick 3D

Street Freekick 3D

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Street Freekick 3D
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Street Freekick 3D Overview

Street Freekick 3D is a new game on our website where you must shoot the ball to the goal and score it! You must be mindful to drag your mouse correctly or otherwise, you will miss the goal and lose a ball. You have 3 balls in total which means 3 chances to score the goal.

The goal has multiple parts to it, the top, left, right, corners, and bottom side, by default scoring a goal will give you 15 points. Each side will give you a different point if you manage to score the goal in that area. The corners will give you the most points, 90 points but only the top 2 corners will give you the 90 points. The top will give you 40 points, and the sides will give you 70 points each including the bottom 2 corners. There is a 25 point triangle that you can also score to gain 25 points, later this will turn into a 50 point triangle.

Later on, you will encounter the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper will try to defend the goal and deflect your ball. You must shoot in a way to trick him and score the goal at the same time.

Try to score the goal!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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