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Real Freekick 3D

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Real Freekick 3D
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Real Freekick 3D Overview


Play Real Freekick 3D online if soccer is all that's on your mind, and you want to play it in real life with friends, but even when you're at home, or maybe you're going somewhere and want to play it on your phone and tablet, all which you can do right now and here with a football free kicks game online that wants to simulate the experience of doing those special soccer shots as closely to reality as possible, hence the title of the game.

The Tutorial mode is there to help you learn how to do free kicks step by step, but we are going to do the same right now in writing, and you can also watch our previews for even more tips and tricks!

Shoot a Real Freekick 3D online!

The first thing you need to set is the direction you are kicking the ball, and between you and the net there will be defenders, so find a way that makes the ball go around them firstly, because hitting the walls of defenders means missing. Of course, the ultimate defender is the keeper, so shoot to get past him as well, as he will give his best to catch your ball into his gloves.

Use the mouse or drag with the finger on the screen to set the direction, and then you are given the chance to make the ball curve as you shoot it, so drag it left and right to make a curvature as you would like it, in hopes it tricks the goalkeeper. Finally, hold the mouse button or finger as long as you want to determine the strength and power of your shot.

Of course, you might feel inclined to take the power meter to the full red, but that is not always recommended. Take the distance between the ball and the net into how you set the power, because if you shoot too hard or too low, you might miss.

You will also take the role of the goalkeeper after your five free kicks are done when the computer shoots at your net, so you have to tap in the direction you think the ball is going to come so that you catch it and stop it from scoring goals.

Choose a national team, like France, Italy, USA, Japan, Africa, and others, and then defeat the first team from your bracket, and then the next one, doing so until you reach the cup finals and win the tournament. Do it right now, and don't hesitate to play more soccer games of ours!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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