Among U: Red Imposter

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What is Among U: Red Imposter?

Among U: Red Imposter
In this new Among Us game on our website, your role is to kill the crew as the red imposter. You have to complete the levels without getting caught killing a crewmate as this will fail the level. You need to complete 30 levels to win the game.

You start in the Skeld, a classic Among Us map where the crewmates and imposters spawn at the main table. The crewmates then go to do their tasks and you, the imposter, must kill them. At first, you will only have 2 crewmates that you need to kill but later on, you'll need to deal with 3 or more crewmates.

The crewmates follow the same routine every time you play the same level. You need to strategize which crewmates to kill first so you aren't caught. If you are caught you are thrown out into space. At first only the main room will be available but once you've progressed far enough, the other rooms will be unlocked too like the electricity room.

Time to kill the crewmates!

How to play?

Use the mouse or your touchscreen to move.

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