Angry Among Us Imposter

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What is Angry Among Us Imposter?

Angry Among Us Imposter

Our category of Among Us Games online is the gift that keeps on giving, which is the reason why right at this moment we are delighted to share with everyone here the game called Angry Among Us Imposter, which combines the format of Angry Birds Games with the imposters from Among Us, resulting in a fun time like none other before it!

Shoot the imposters, collect the coins, and defeat the enemies!

In this game you are going to use the mouse to shoot the imposters, drawing backward toward the direction you want to shoot them, and then release the left mouse button to make the shot. The goal you have is to knock down all the angry piggies around, shoot through the diamonds and collect them all, and then find and release the chick at the end of a level.

Of course, to clear the levels you have a limited amount of moves, which is given depending on how big the course is, and the fewer moves you make to clear a level, the better. Why? Because at the end of the levels you can get from one to three stars, so the quicker you finished a level, the more stars you get, and we hope you give it your best at all 24 levels of this awesome game!

Good luck, and we hope that this is far from the final new game of the day you play here today for free!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.