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Super Mario Advance

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Super Mario Advance
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Super Mario Advance Overview

We present you Super Mario Advance! This emulated game contains 2 Super Mario games bundled in it. The original Super Mario and Super Mario Bros. 2! We really hope you will like both of these games, we can't wait for you to play them!

In the original Super Mario game, you must defeat enough enemies to pass onto the next stage. This game is very different from the usual Super Mario games as it goes on infinitely. There will be enemies spawning from the top 2 pipes and going down to the bottom 2.

Your goal is to defeat them before they reach the bottom pipes. To defeat an enemy you must first knock it out by jumping on the block under it or by jumping into a POW block. The POW block will knock out all enemies on the level and can be used 3 times before disappearing, there are 2 of them on each level. Once knocked out you can kick or jump on the enemy to defeat it.

The other game, Super Mario Bros. 2 is very different from the usual Super Mario game as well. In the game, Mario and his friends are drawn into a dream while reading a book, and you must help them escape from this dream! The game features a lot of changes compared to other Mario games, firstly you can not only play as Mario but other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom too!
  • Mario: The most balanced playable character from the game. Has equal stats for jumping, speed, and power.
  • Luigi: Can jump the highest but comes at the cost of speed and power.
  • Toad: Has the most power and speed but comes at the cost of shallow jumping height.
  • Princess Peach: The least powerful character. Average jumping height and lower power and speed.
You have 5 lives in total. You can play with any character from the start of the game, each character has a different playing style so make sure you choose one that fits your style! The game also comes with level changes, instead of question blocks you pull out power-ups and items from the ground. There a dozen power-ups and items that help you. Some items are:
  • Sprouts: These are vegetables that haven't been fully grown yet. You can throw them at enemies to defeat them.
  • Vegetables: You can also throw them at enemies. Can also defeat multiple enemies at once if the enemies are close to each other.
  • Giant Vegetables: Giant versions of vegetables, their bigger size allows you to more easily defeat enemies with them.
  • Red Potion: This potion if thrown, will spawn a door where you may get items like hearts or other items that help you.
  • Stopwatch: When thrown it will freeze time for a short period of time.
  • POW Blocks: If you throw a POW block to the ground, it will defeat all enemies in the area.
  • Heart: When collected it will refill your life meter by one.
  • Bombs: Will explode shortly after picking one up. The bombs are capable of destroying certain blocks and defeating enemies.
There are many more items for you to collect and use. The game features 7 worlds that you must go through. On your way, you will encounter several bosses that you have to defeat by using items. Defeating a boss will allow you to pass onto the next world and continue your journey.
  • Birdo: A simple boss that you will encounter several times on your journey. She shoots eggs that you have to throw back at her to damage her. There are several varieties of Birdo, some of them shoot fire too that you must avoid.
  • Mouser: A harder boss than Birdo, he likes to play with bombs and throws them right at you! You can defeat him by throwing blocks or throwing bombs at him and waiting for them to explode.
  • Fryguy: He shoots fire that you have to avoid. He can only be defeated by throwing mushroom blocks at him.
  • Triclyde: A three-headed snake boss that also shoots fire at you. Can also be only defeated with the mushroom blocks.
  • Clawgrip: A crab boss that tosses boulders at you. You must use the same boulders that he throws at you to defeat him.
  • Hawkmouth: Tries to attack you by quickly smashing into you. You must use the mushroom blocks to defeat him.
  • Wart: The final boss in the game that shoots bubbles at you. At the same time, vegetables that he collected from the Kingdom will also be thrown, you must throw the vegetables at him when he takes a breath after his bubble attack to damage him.
Once you've successfully managed to defeat Wart, Mario and his friends will finally get freed from the dream they were caught in. Mario and his friends are safe once more!

Time for some Mario action!

How to play?

START: Enter key. SELECT: Shift key. ARROW keys to move. B: Z key. A: X key. L: A key. R: D key.

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