Super Mario Odyssey 64

Super Mario Odyssey 64

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Super Mario Odyssey 64
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Super Mario Odyssey 64 Overview


The original Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo 64 is now here! One of the best Mario Games 3D online, ever!! Run and jump with Mario in a new platform-adventure game! Well, it's an older game, but there have been new worlds brought into the fold. You might find a lot of surprises along the way. Of course, the fun is already guaranteed. Let's show you the ropes, in case you're a casual Mario player!

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Princess Peach wrote Mario a letter. She baked him a cake, and now he needs to go visit her. Start off outside the castle, and then go on an adventure through it. Toads are filming you all the way through, like in a tv show.

Move using the T, F, G, and H keys. To jump with Mario you press Z, and to roll you use X.

Cross the bridge and enter through the door. In the hallway of the castle, start your adventure. Jump around, and avoid Koopas or various monsters. Jump over traps, and obstacles. Don't fall into the pits, or get eaten by monsters!

Use springboards and stairs to your advantage in jumping. Find the red mushrooms and use them to grow larger. Grab the green mushrooms, and get extra lives.

Rescue Princess Peach!

When you reach the princess, she's not there! Why? Well, Bowser kidnapped her! Start your mission outside the castle and into Koopa Land! Defeat all the minions, get past the pits, traps, and obstacles, and reach Bowser. Take him down, and rescue the love of Mario's life!

How to play?

Tips & Tricks

  • Use green tunnels to find new locations.
  • Collect stars for power-ups.

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