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Super Mario Advance 4

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Super Mario Advance 4
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Super Mario Advance 4 Overview

It's a me, Mario! We present to you our latest Super Mario game on our website that we are sure you'll like! This is a bundle between the classic Super Mario game and Super Mario Bros 3. Each game has huge differences between them but we are sure you'll enjoy both versions!

The first version is the classic Super Mario game, it is the very first one coming out before Super Mario Bros 1. In this game, you need to advance through the phases by defeating the spiked Koopa Troopas and fireballs. The koopas will go from the first pipe to the last ones, you can jump to move the platform above of you to destroy the fireballs and turn the koopas over. There is also a POW block that will startle everything on the stage.

It's time to talk about the other game, Super Mario Bros 3! In this Super Mario game, Bowser comes up with a new plan to capture the princess and terrorize the kingdom! Using his ship he releases a Koopaling to each castle. The koopalings are much bigger variants of the Koopa Troopa that you must defeat in each castle. While Mario was defeating the Koopalings, Princess Peach was captured by Bowser and you also need to free her from Bowser.

This Super Mario game is different than the other ones, it features a map that Mario must travel through. There are 8 worlds in total as in the previous games. After finishing a level you will also get an item that you can use while in the game. Mario can also open question blocks that give him the items and can also break brick blocks to collect coins. Coins can also be found on each level and can also be collected by opening the question blocks.
  • Super Mushroom: Makes Mario bigger, if an enemy hits him he gets back to his smaller form instead of failing.
  • Fire Flower: Mario turns into his Fire Mario form and gains the ability to shoot fireballs that defeat enemies.
  • Tanooki Suit: Activated by a feather, Mario turns into his Tanooki Mario form and gains the ability to defeat enemies by whipping his tail and also to fly after running for a while. He also gains the ability to turn into a statue for a while to avoid enemies.
  • Magic Wing: This powerup grants infinite flight until Mario is damaged or finished the level, he also gets all of the Racoon suit's (Tanooki Suit) abilities. He will turn back to Racoon Mario (Tanooki Mario) after finishing a level.
  • Frog Mario: Mario turns into a frog, he becomes very good at swimming in this form but his land movement is drastically impeded.
  • Hammer Mario: Mario gains the ability to throw hammers, and can shield himself from fireballs using his shell.
There are countless enemies in the game that you need to overcome or defeat, the most common are:
  • Goombas: The most basic enemy in the game, they come in multiple forms such as the Grand form, and the winged ones.
  • Koopa Troopas: The other very common enemy in the game. These enemies will hide inside their shells when stepped on by Mario. Mario can also kick or hold their shell to defeat other enemies or to open question blocks.
  • Piranha Plants: These evil enemies come out of pipes and have many varieties. Some can even shoot fireballs and hurt Mario from a further distance. The plants will not come out of the pipe if Mario is standing next to or on the pipe except if the pipe is sideways. They also have giant varieties in certain levels in the game.
  • Thwomp: These are living rocks that will try to squash Mario when they see him under themselves or near them.
  • Hammer Brothers and Sledge Brothers: These enemies will throw hammers at Mario when he gets near them, they are very dangerous because they can throw the hammers very far away, damaging Mario.
There are countless more enemies in the game that you will find. Some enemies are also only available on certain maps like the Angry Sun that tries to defeat Mario by swooping down on him from the sky. At the castles, Mario will encounter the Koopaling bosses. These bosses need to be stomped on 3 times to be defeated and are required to pass onto the next world. In the fortresses, you will find "Boom Boom" a miniboss that is very simple.
  • Larry Koop is the boss of Grass Land. He shoots magic blasts to attack Mario.
  • Morton Koopa Jr: He attacks the same way Larry does, except he is the boss of Desert Land.
  • Wendy O. Koopa: She is the boss of Water Land. She attacks by shooting up to 3 rings at Mario while jumping very high.
  • Iggy Koopa: Giant Land boss. He attacks by shooting magic blasts and jumping high.
  • Roy Koopa: The Sky Land boss. He has the ability to stun Mario if he jumps and Mario is on the floor.
  • Lemmy Koopa: Ice Land boss. He attacks with his smaller balls while moving back and forth with his main ball.
  • Ludwig von Koopa: He is the boss of Pipe Land. He constantly shoots magic blasts and stunning Mario with his jumps.
  • Bowser: The boss of Dark Land. He attacks Mario by spitting flames and by trying to jump on him. He is the last main boss of the game. To defeat him you need to make him jump on the floor until it breaks enough for him to fall into the abyss.
Super Mario Bros 3 also features a 2 player mode. In this mode, Mario and his brother, Luigi, take turns playing the levels. When one brother fails or finishes a level, the other brother will take over until the same conditions are met. This version of the game also uses the upgraded graphics.

Time to defeat Bowser and free Princess Peach once again!

How to play?

Start: Enter. Select: Shift. Arrow keys to move. B: Z key. A: X key. L: A key. R: D key.

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